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Grow Customers

Through Kilimo Akiba Banks can significantly grow their customer base by leveraging agricultural savings services.

Grow Customers

Trough agricultural savings (Kilimo Akiba) and loans (Kilimo Mkopo) services play a pivotal role in banks' deposit growth

Expand agencies and network

Banks can strategically expand their agency network through Kilimo Akiba by forming partnerships with agricultural businesses, cooperatives, and rural outlets.

Loan portfolios

Banks can optimize their loan portfolio through Kilimo Mkopo by customizing lending solutions for farmers, streamlining processes, and utilizing digital platforms for efficient disbursement


Grow Customers

Insurance companies can grow their customer base Trough Kilimo Bima by providing excellent crop insurance products, educating farmers

Insurance digital platform

Crop insurance (kilimo Bima) boosts insurance companies' digital platforms by offering efficient, digitally delivered services


The value chain management system, especially in distribution/output, is vital for Agrimechants using Kilimo BaNDO services

Digital payment.

streamline transactions, allowing electronic financial transfers, reducing cash reliance, and promoting financial inclusion in the agricultural sector for enhanced efficiency.

Commission on other businesses

Earning commissions means getting a fee for facilitating insurance transactions, promoting products, and forming partnerships, generating extra revenue


Access clients

Accessing clients to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) means connecting them to mobile services for improved communication and transactions, enhancing overall engagement and connectivity.

SMS, USSD, Airtime

providing quick communication, interactive services, and generating revenue through the sale of mobile phone credit.

Mobile money

generating revenue through transaction fees, fostering financial inclusion, and enhancing customer loyalty with convenient and secure digital financial services on mobile platforms.

Expand agency network

increases service accessibility, customer reach, and revenue channels. It enhances the network's presence, ensuring convenient and widespread availability of mobile services.

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