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Farm preparation and management

Best agronomy practices tailored to local conditions, Soil health management techniques, Climate-resilient farming methods, Crop selection and rotation guidance, Water management and irrigation techniques, Pest and disease control strategies, and Training on the use of digital tools for farming management.

Crop Care and Best Agronomy practice

Sustainable land management practices, Agroforestry and biodiversity conservation techniques, Livestock management and animal husbandry advice, Gender-inclusive farming approaches and women's empowerment programs, Access to affordable and environmentally friendly inputs such as seeds and fertilizers.

General advisory

Health and safety measures for farm workers, Capacity-building programs for farmer organizations and cooperatives and Awareness campaigns on environmental conservation and climate change adaptation.

Financial services access

Access to financial services including insurance, savings, payments, loans and credit supply options.

Post-harvest technologies and solutions

Market information and opportunities.

Market intelligence and linkages

Post-harvest handling and storage practices and Training on value addition and agro-processing.

Entrepreneurship and Financial management

Disaster risk reduction and emergency preparedness training

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