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Empowering Agriculture with USSD

"Empowering Agriculture with USSD, the Power of KILIMO BaNDO"

Smallholder farmers and agro-small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbones of food security and rural economic growth in Sub Sahara Africa.

Bizy Tech has developed a digital agricultural platform called KILIMO DATA HUB that supports smallholder farmers and small and medium agri-enterprises (ASMEs) that are the backbones of food security and rural economic growth in Sub Sahara Africa. More than 3 million farmers are currently registered on the platform and a quarter already use it to save for inputs, access last mile delivery of subsidised fertilizer and a link through to offtake payments. Through partners like TCB the platform also offers financial services

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Kilimo BaNDO Services

Kilimo Akiba

KILIMO AKIBA puts the power of saving in the hands of farmers, allowing them to build their financial resources steadily within the formal banking system. This lays the foundation for securing essential agricultural services come planting season.

Kilimo Bima

This is an insurance service covering crops, health, life, and equipment for farmers who are members of KILIMO BaNDO. The Crop Insurance component aims to assist farmers in the face of disasters or any problems that may disrupt the entire production system.

Kilimo Mkopo

Striving for a more vibrant and efficient agricultural landscape, KILIMO MKOPO collaborates with financial institutions to offer accessible loans to farmers. These loans empower them to invest in their farms, adopt sustainable practices, and ultimately enhance their agricultural success.

Kilimo Bora

KILIMO BORA aims to empower small-scale farmers to cultivate and yield high-quality crops by providing extension education on agronomy, soil health, and advising them on proper farm and crop maintenance before and after harvesting, through mobile communication and face-to-face seminars.

Our Projects

Farmer Registration

Streamlining farmer registration involves gathering essential data to deepen our understanding of agricultural activities. This includes obtaining the farmer's name, phone number, residence, farm size, and GPS coordinates. Furthermore, we inquire about cultivated crops and family size, fostering a comprehensive understanding of our clients. This comprehensive registration process enables us to tailor our support and services, ensuring a more personalized and effective approach to meeting the specific needs of each farmer in the agricultural sector.

Kilimo Akiba Opening in Dodoma

Launched in December 2020 in Dodoma, Kilimo Akiba empowers farmers to save for agricultural inputs. In collaboration with TCB Bank, farmers can deposit and manage savings through bank agents or mobile phones using a USSD code. The Dodoma launch, attended by Hon. Dr. Tulia Ackson, signifies an innovative approach, providing farmers with convenient access to funds for essential farming needs. This initiative enhances financial autonomy, fostering sustainability and resilience in the agricultural sector.

Vijana Kilimo Biashara(VKB)

KILIMO BaNDO, a digital service, offers affordable inputs, advice, and financial solutions for agri-entrepreneurs. Through cutting-edge digital payment technology, it ensures secure transactions, fostering financial inclusion in agriculture. Aligned with the 'Vijana Kilimo Biashara' (VKB) project, it amplifies income growth, food resilience, and job creation for women and youth. VKB digitizes Farmer Organizations, extending efforts to Village Saving and Loan Associations, Community Banks, and Youth Saving and Loan Associations.

Frequently Asked

How can Kilimo BaNDO help small-scale farmers improve their agricultural practices and yields?

Kilimo BaNDO aids small-scale farmers by providing affordable inputs, expert advice, and financial solutions, enhancing agricultural practices and boosting yields.

Is Kilimo BaNDO accessible to farmers nationwide, and what steps are involved in the enrollment process?

Kilimo BaNDO is accessible nationwide. Farmers can enroll by visiting our website, completing a simple online form, or contacting local representatives for assistance.

What specific financial and educational support does Kilimo BaNDO provide to farmers during different phases of the agricultural cycle?

Kilimo BaNDO offers tailored financial and educational support throughout the agricultural cycle, including input financing, training programs, and resources to optimize productivity.

Can you provide examples of success stories where farmers have benefited significantly from Kilimo BaNDO?

Numerous farmers have experienced significant benefits from Kilimo BaNDO, witnessing improved yields, increased income, and enhanced agricultural sustainability. Check our website for inspiring success stories.

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